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Our Programs

We have three programs that will have a direct impact on the children in Yuma County. They are the Pediatric CuddleKit Program, the Kindness CuddleKit School Program and the Kindness Makes a Difference Day.

All of these programs promote ways in which children receive an act of kindness and then pay the kindness forward to someone else.

Kindness CuddleKit School Program

Nov. 2008 The first two Kindness CuddleKits are given to sisters who were referred by their teacher.

Teacher Forms

KIDS Online Referral Form

pdficon.gif KIDS Printable Referral Form

pdficon.gif KIDS Permission Slip (English)

pdficon.gif KIDS Permission Slip (Spanish)

  • Kindness CuddleKit School Program- This referral system based in Yuma County elementary schools allows teachers, counselors, nurses, etc. to refer children who are in need of some form of kindness. This could be a CuddleKit (with an outfit, shoes, toy, book, etc...) or it could be just a pair of shoes, school supplies, bedding, hygiene items, eyeglasses, blankets for the family, etc. The possibilities are endless.

  • kids-braceletsPaying the Kindness Forward- Each child receives a rubber bracelet in their CuddleKit that reads "KIDS Kindness is Doing Something". The attached form explains that they must be kind to someone else and then give the bracelet to that person. They then complete the attached form explaining their act of kindness and return it back to KIDS CuddleKit Closet.

Kindness Make a Difference Day

  • Kindness Makes a Difference Day- Over 275 students from Yuma County elementary schools schools are invited to attend the spectacular day filled with unique opportunities, treats, games and a visit from Santa. Each year the event focuses on a different theme. Held in December, this over-the-top fun day is packed with activities that keep the smiles coming from beginning to end! Each child is sponsored by a business or member of the community, which provides them with a special CuddleKit including a new pair of shoes, hoodie sweatshirt, fleece blanket, book and wrapped gift from their wish list. To sponsor a child for Kindness Makes a Difference Day, please contact us through the website.

  • kids-cookiesPaying the Kindness Forward - A Pay it Forward station is setup every year for the Kindness Makes A Difference Day event. Each child had the opportunity to decorate two holiday cookies - one for themselves and one to place on a beautiful tray. At the end of the day, the tray of cookies is delivered to a local nursing home for all to enjoy.

Pediatric CuddleKit Program


Annually, volunteers, both adults and kids, to stuff over 1000 pediatric CuddleKits for the year!

  • Pediatric CuddleKit Program-In June 2008, the MOMS Club of Yuma-West gave the Pediatric CuddleKit Program to KIDS CuddleKit Closet, Inc. The program was started by the MOMS Club of Yuma in 2002 as a community service program benefiting children. The program has now given over 13,000 CuddleKits to every pediatric patient admitted to our local hospital, Yuma Regional Medical Center. Each CuddleKit consists of a pillowcase stuffed with both comfort and activity items (stuffed animal, coloring books, crayons, etc.).

  • Paying the Kindness Forward- Each child receives a thank you card in their CuddleKit. We ask that they thank someone in their life as a way to pay the kindness forward.

Program Director

Veronica Cabrales

Board Members

Laura Hartman, President
Roxanne Dahl, Secretary
Lisa Duke, Treasurer
Cori Auza
Lisa Duke
Liana Goldsboro
Monica Reichman
Kristan Sheppeard
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